“Disaster Health Workshop" lenen held in cooperation with Acıbadem University and Beylikdüzü Municipality

A large number of institutions and organizations participated in the workshop to raise awareness and awareness in disaster, disaster health, disaster technologies, disaster logistics and supply, search and rescue topics were addressed and solutions were searched for disaster problems.

Acıbadem University Incubation Center, Acıbadem University Health Policy Implementation and Research Center and Beylikdüzü Municipality; Kızılay, Akom, Akut, Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc., Hacettepe University, Istanbul Technical

University, Geo to Engineering, Association of Local Disaster Volunteers, Beylikdüzü District, Medical Search and Rescue Association (MEDAK), Hello Tomorrow, Turkey, Extreme Natural Events National Observation Network Pre-Earthquake (DOHAD), Acibadem University with Nabutech and Tion companies from Incubation Center Initiative Acibadem University and some departments of Beylikdüzü Municipality.

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