Frequently Asked Questions

Bir fikri ve/veya sınai mülkiyet hakkının hak sahibi tarafından belli bir bedel karşılığı veya bedelsiz olarak diğer bir tarafa devredilmesini içerir. Bedel söz konusu olduğu zaman karşı tarafın damga vergisi ödemesi beklenir.

Acıbadem Incubation Center will allow you to see your situation among our other entrepreneurs and to ensure that our entrepreneurs are in the top 30 in our index results which we will announce annually and in the rankings we will share with all our stakeholders.

The public offering of the shares of the company is called to be traded continuously in the stock market or organized markets.

It is the price of a Share at the point where the supply and demand intersect at the same point in the capital market.

It is the name given to the dividend distributed to the shareholders through the Net Profit of the year.

This is the expression used for all products with technical advancement that may be the subject of a patent, except for chemicals and procedures. In particular, it is preferred by the inventors who want to obtain protection for new products they have developed at less cost.

Intellectual property is a new product of the human mind and is protected by law. It is expressed as artistic / literary / digital property protected by copyright. Intellectual property owners may license the use of their property.

Kayıtlı veya tescilli olup olmadığına bakılmaksızın ve özel bir mevzuatla ve/veya haksız rekabet gibi genel hükümlerle korunan bilimsel, sınai, edebî veya sanatsal alanda fikrî ürüne ilişkin tüm yasal haklardır

As Acıbadem University Incubation Center, we have created a platform where we introduce all our entrepreneurs, they can conduct their one-on-one meetings quickly, receive information from the activities to be carried out within the center continuously, and provide events, meetings and one-on-one meetings with institutions faster. Platform opening The Girişim Ecosystem Platform for Health Entrepreneurs ”is an interface where we can communicate with investors, mentors and institutions at the same time where we can control the stages of your project and present your demands.

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